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Stand With Coal!
Fight the Liberal Environmental Agenda in Alabama

Association Profile

The Alabama Coal Association was formed in 1972 by a small number of surface mining companies who recognized the need for a unified voice to cope with the modern-day issues that impact so dramatically on the mining industry.

In July 1984, ACA merged with the Alabama Mining Institute, a 75 year-old consortium of underground and surface mining operators. With the merger, ACA represents firms which produce over 90 percent of all coal produced in the State of Alabama.

Today, these member companies continue to work together to accomplish those things that a single company could seldom accomplish alone.

ACA provides vital services to the mine operators in this State. Whether a company produces one or one million tons of coal, the member is represented by his Board of Directors and a staff with enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism.

ACA is a prestigious, well-respected association that speaks effectively in your behalf. From governmental bodies to the environmental organizations, the Association keeps pace with developments that affect your business.

ACA adheres to the following objectives:

To develop and maintain productive relationships with governmental bodies and agencies and to insure accurate and timely representations of the industry's views on issues which affect it.

To create a better understanding among the people of Alabama with the problems and needs for coal mining in our State.

To provide opportunities for educating the Association's membership as to current trends in the industry, including new laws, rules and regulations to which the members are subject. This is accomplished through meetings and seminars as well as publications.

To provide leadership in the industry's efforts to solve problems and create opportunities which result in a healthier, more productive coal mining industry in Alabama.

To fully achieve these objectives, the participation of EVERY mine operator and allied companies that service the mining industries in Alabama is essential. The combined cooperation of these groups guarantees the industry its greatest influence.